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There simply isn’t anything that compares to the happy smile of a child. Who doesn’t giggle along with those adorable little laughs? Dr. Cole and the team at Integrity Dental know how important it is to provide children’s dentistry that keeps little teeth healthy. After all, kids need their smiles to do lots of important things!

We know it is common to think that baby teeth are not a big deal. No need for regular children’s dentistry visits, brushing should be enough until they start falling out and making room for adult teeth, right? Actually, baby teeth are tiny placeholders that have a big job to do. Dental disease not only affects the baby tooth, but the adult tooth developing underneath. And if a tooth is lost too soon, the adult tooth has no path to follow, and can lose its way causing impactions and other children’s dentistry problems.

Just like adults, children gain confidence from their smiles. Teeth are instrumental in speech development, helping your child to form words properly. In addition, children take social cues from smiles. It is how kids communicate that they are approachable, open, and want to make friends. A child who experiences mouth pain due to cavities, an improper bite, or other children’s dentistry issues has a hard time smiling. This can send the wrong social signals and influence overall wellbeing.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Our Farmington children’s dentistry practice is happy to see your precious kiddos as soon as their first teeth begin to erupt. Our team is patient, gentle, and absolutely awesome with kids of all ages. We encourage you to bring your child with you to a few of your own dental visits so that they can get used to the sights and sounds of our dental office. We understand that the dentist is new and can be scary the first time. Dr. Cole and the Integrity Dental team will help your child feel at home and at ease, but nothing beats seeing Mom or Dad having a great time taking care of their teeth.

At the first children’s dentistry visit, you can expect the doctor to do a quick visual examination. Depending on his or her age, your child might have X-rays taken so that Dr. Cole can view and monitor development. We also provide age-appropriate hygiene for children over the age of three and may recommend preventive children’s dentistry treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride varnish for an added layer of protection. Dr. Cole really is great with kids. He truly loves children!

Ready for your child’s first dentistry visit? Contact our Farmington family dental practice to book your appointment today.

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