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Dental Implant Costs & Affordability

When it comes to dental implant supported tooth replacement, the first questions most patients ask is, “How much do dental implants cost?” Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not necessarily very straightforward. There are a number of extenuating circumstances that can change the price of your dental implant supported restoration. Keep reading to find out more about average pricing for dental implants. If you want to learn more, contact Integrity Dental to schedule a tooth replacement consultation. We’ll walk you through the costs of your unique dental implant plan, and explain all the ways we work to improve the affordability of dental implants for every patient.

Dental Implants have a Wide Range of Costs

The first thing you need to know about the cost of implant-retained tooth replacement is that the cost of this treatment varies dramatically. The implant post itself may cost between $1000 and $5000. The cost of the implant post, their surgical placement, and the restoration will be different depending on where you are located in the country, the number and position of missing teeth, and the need for extractions, bone grafts, or other preparatory treatments.

The Type of Implant Post Influences the Cost & Success Rate

The type of implant post also effects the cost of treatment. Many implant-retained restoration providers still use the high-quality dental implant posts created by the original Swedish manufacturer. These implant posts have a 90% or better rate of successful implantation. Other manufacturers have started to craft their own implant posts, and many are showing comparable success rates. We’ll review the various types of dental implant available and discuss the impact each variety will have on treatment costs.

Maximize Insurance in Your Farmington Dental Office

Typically, dental insurance providers considered dental implant placement an elective procedure, and they did not provide coverage for these dentistry services. More dental insurance providers in Farmington now offer some coverage for these procedures as research has indicated that dental implant supported tooth replacement offers the longest lasting restoration. Regardless, insurance plans will usually cover part of the tooth replacement prosthetic, and our knowledgeable team will do their utmost to maximize your dental insurance coverage to ensure the affordability of your dental implant supported tooth replacement plan.

Utilize CareCredit Financing or Flexible Spending Accounts

Because traditional dental insurance still may not cover the cost of dental implants or the surgical placement procedure, Farmington dental patients may want to consider working with CareCredit to acquire low or no interest financing. This allows you to receive the dental implant supported tooth replacement you need now and pay for the cost of care over the course of several months. If your insurance provider offers flexible spending accounts, this is another good option. These accounts often include an employer match for your contributions. That means when you put $100 in your flexible spending account, your employer will deposit the same amount.

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