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Giving Back to our Farmington Community

Our dentist and team proudly support the Farmington, NM and global communities. We do our utmost to make Farmington a better place to live and work. We frequently volunteer with, sponsor, and support local schools, churches, and other community events and programs. Additionally, we proudly work with Mission Outfitter. This local mission organization provides clean water, new homes, and medical and dental treatment for widows and orphans. We work with this group to provide financial support as well as volunteer hours offering dental care.

Dr. Cole is the president of the foundation mission of mercy and is responsible for bringing that to New Mexico. They have hosted five or six events now and are doing to mini mission of mercy’s in April and then another one this summer. Additionally, Dr. Cole has made more than a dozen international mission trips. He’s visited Central and South America where he offered dental care and education to patients in these underserved areas. Contact our team, if you’re interested in finding out more about how Integrity Dental can provide support for your community event or organization. We’d love to hear more about your group and offer what services we can to assist you.

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