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Dental Crown & Bridge Therapy

Restore your smile with a crown and dental bridge in Farmington.For Dr. Cole, it doesn’t matter whether you have only recently lost a tooth or you’ve been challenged by tooth loss for a while. What’s important is that he now provides you with the best tooth replacement for your unique set of circumstances. One option that dentists have relied on for years is a crown and bridge. This permanent prosthetic device combines the natural look and feel of dental crowns with the convenience of a dental bridge to mimic missing teeth and restore your smile. In addition, a dental crown can be used independently of a dental bridge in Farmington to rebuild a tooth that is severely damaged by decay or injury.

What are dental crowns?

On a natural tooth, the crown refers to the portion that is above the gum line and is visible. Similarly, a dental crown completely covers this section in order to restore both form and function to a tooth. Dr. Cole may also use a dental crown in Farmington after completing a root canal or as the finishing touch on a dental implant that replaces one missing tooth.

To place a dental crown, Dr. Cole must first remove any decay that is present and then carefully reshape the remaining tooth structure. This is done to ensure the proper and comfortable fit of your dental crown. A temporary crown is put in place to protect your prepared tooth. The permanent crown is bonded into place at a second appointment.

What is a dental bridge?

The name really says it all—a dental bridge is designed to bridge the gap in your smile that missing teeth leave behind. Not only does a dental bridge make your smile look better, but it can also help restore your ability to eat a varied and well-balanced menu of foods. A bridge can also improve your oral health.

When you have missing teeth, you are more likely to have cavities in other teeth and gum disease. And the loss of just one tooth can lead to real problems with your bite as other teeth begin to shift in order to fill in the open space.

Dental Crown and Bridge from Your Dentist in Farmington

When used in combination, a dental crown and bridge offer a beautiful solution for tooth loss. Dr. Cole, your dentist in Farmington, can use this device to replace one or more consecutively missing teeth. A crown and bridge is handcrafted in a dental lab based on dental impressions and Dr. Cole’s exacting specifications. The crowns are attached to healthy teeth on both sides of the gap in your smile and the bridge of false teeth is thereby suspended in place. Once again, your smile is whole and you can chew more efficiently.

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